Our Products

Our Kitchen is OPEN each day from 10am - 3pm

All Day Breakfast

Gourmet Brekkie wrap - $12.00
Two Rashers of Hormone Free Bacon, Two Fried Free Range Eggs Hash Brown, Cheese and Spicy Tomato Chutney

Bacon & Egg Baguette - $10.00
Two Rashers of Hormone Free Bacon, eggs and Spicy Tomato Chutney

Smelly's Four Cheese Toastie - $7.95
Jalapeno Jack, Red Cheddar, Swiss & Parmesan

La Croque

La Croque Monsieur – ham, cheese & cheese - $8.95

La Croque Madame – ham, cheese & egg - $9.95

La Croque Madeleine – ham, cheese & tomato - $9.95

La Croque La Works – ham, cheese, tomato & egg - $10.95

Gourmet Burgers and Wraps 

All burgers & wraps have the choice of homemade sauces:

Smelly’s Smokey Tomato Sauce

Smelly’s Smokey BBQ Sauce

Smelly’s Smokey Chilli Sauce

Smelly’s House Made Mayonnaise

Slow Roasted Pork Belly Baguette - $13.95

Pork belly, Asian slaw, orange star anise dressing, topped with pork crackle

Chicken “Snitty” Wrap/Burger - $13.95

Chicken schnitzel, mesculin mix, tomato, cheddar cheese, red onion, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce.

Add BACON $2 extra

Smelly’s Veggie Burger/Wrap - $13.95

Veggie patty, mesculin mix, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, red onion, cheddar cheese & Smelly’s house made mayonnaise.

Grilled Chicken Burger/Wrap - $13.95

Chicken Breast, mesculin mix, tomato, Smelly’s triple cream Brie & cranberry sauce

Smelly’s Ground Beef & Cheese - $13.95

BURGER/WRAP: ground beef patty, BBQ sauce, mesculin mix, cheese, tomato, beetroot, grilled Onion & your choice of Smelly’s Blue cheese, Cheddar, Brie or Swiss cheese

Chorizo Burger/Wrap - $13.95

Chorizo, jalapeno peppers, chilli, mesculin mix, tomato, red onion, smoked provolone & tomato relish

Fish Burger/Wrap - $11.95

Fish (Alaskan Pollock), mesculin mix, & Smelly’s house made mayonnaise.

Add CHEESE $1 extra

Kids Meals 12 years and under 

Nuggets & Chips - $8.50 

Fish & Chips - $8.50 

Gourmet Pizzas 

Halloumi Cheese - Small $12.00 | Large $16.00
Béchamel Sauce, Haloumi, Provolone, Parmesaon, Mozzarella and oregano, fresh cracked pepper served with lemon wedges

Vegetarian - Small $12.00 | Large $16.00
Tomato base, Topped with Mozzarella, Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Spanish onion, Semi Dried Tomatoes, Black Kalamata Olives, Baby Spinach, Capsicum 

BBQ Chicken - Small $12.00 | Large $16.00
Smelly’s Smokey BBQ Sauce, Semi Dried Tomato, Capsicum, Mushrooms, Chicken, Sun-Dried Tomato Fetta, Mozzarella 

Mixed Meat Pizza - Small $12.00 | $16.00
Chicken, Salami, Ham, Bacon, BBQ Sauce and Cheese

Gluten free pizza bases are available $5 extra


Baked Camembert -  $19.95
1/2 Baguette, Garlic oil drizzle, onion Jam and Camembert 

Fish & Chips - $14.00

Chicken Schnitzel Chips and salad - $15.00
Choice of Toppers - $4.00
Avocado and Cheese
Smokey Tomato and cheese
Bacon and Cheese

Salads and Sides

Caesar Salad - $10.95
With Caesar Dressing, Parmesan, Bacon, and croutons
Add chicken - $15.95 

Garden Salad - $8.00
With Lettuce, Tomato, and cucumber.
Add chicken - $13.00

Greek Salad - $14.00
Feta, Mixed salad Leaves, Olives, Cucumber, Semi Dried Tomato and Red Onion 

Loaded Chips
Cheesy or Gravy - $8.95
Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream - $ 8.95
Japanese Mayonnaise and Hot Chilli Sauce - $8.95
Grated Cheese, Hot Chilli Sauce and Mayonnaise - $9.95

Steak Fries - $6.95

Add Dipping sauces for $1 - Tomato, Smokey Tomato, Smokey BBQ, Smokey Chilli, Hot Sauce, Aioli or Tartare or $2 for Gravy or Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream

Please Note: All our eggs are free range, our bacon is hormone free, chicken breast is used for all chicken menu items and all is Halal for your enjoyment.