What else to serve with cheese?

  • Nuts like almonds help bring out the flavour and aroma of cheese. Toasted hazelnuts and walnuts work with cheese, and pecans go well with sweet cheeses.

  • Olives compliment sheep and goats milk cheese. Experiment with dried fruits like raisins, figs, dates and berries.

  • Chutneys work perfectly with cheddar and hard cheese, as does chevre and is simply delicious.

  • Fruit pastes work well with any type of cheese, and are perfect for semi-hard sheeps cheeses

    Apples with cheddar and pears with stilton are always a winner. Serve thin slices of prosciutto, ham and sweet or spicy salamis, especially with aged cheese like manchego or pecorino.

  • If you choose to serve crackers, pick unsalted or lightly salted ones. Bread is a must, you can never go wrong with a baguette. Crusty sourdough with creamy soft ripened cheeses, and grain packed breads for cheddars and hard cheese.

    Nuts and Olives


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